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Dash Sounds

HQS1 Ultimate FM
HQS2 Minimoog
HQS3 Evalon
HQS4 Mellotronix
HQS5 FX Machine
Free Library

News 27/12/07
Christmas Bundles extended through to January 6 2008!
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News 21/06/07
DashSignature is now officially a branch of NUSofting

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Dash Sound Libraries : Now with TDP plugin included!

DashSignature.com offers a wide range of sound libraries, sampled directly from the original hardware gear, in the DASHsnd format. There are several VST instruments on the market that directly support DASHsnd multi-samples, including:

DASH Signature: EVE 2, Knagalis, Twin Dash Player
ManyTone: ManyStation, ManyOne, ManyGuitar, ManyBass
Wusik: Wusikstation

(Players which currently support Mac OS X are EVE 2 and  Many One)

All Dash Sound Libraries come with the FULL Twin Dash Player (TDP). So, even if you do not have a commercial DASHsnd compatible instrument, you can still use the Dash Sound Libraries. For information on the TDP specifications, please visit the TDP page.

Want to get a FREE player for Windows!?
TDP FREE is a feature limited version of TDP
Also featuring 12  DASHsnd multi-samples!
TDP FREE - click to download

HQS Volume 5 - FX Machine
FX Machine features a wide range of natural and synthesized audio effects. Suitable for musical applications like soundtracks, soundscapes, advertising and others, the sounds range from unusual analog synth arps, synthetic clusters and drones, experimental orchestral hits, though to field recordings of rivers, thunder, animals and rainforest sounds. 

35.00 - US $45.00

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HQS Volume 4 - Mellotronix
The Mellotron is one of the most unique electronic instruments ever made, and the trademark sound of prog-rock bands from the 1970's. This Dash Sound Library features classic Mellotron sounds sampled at every key over its 35 key range. You can now enjoy the truly authentic sound of this timeless classic! 

35.00 - US $45.00

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HQS Volume 3 - Evalon
A collection of analog sounds sampled from legendary instruments like Jupiter 6, OB8, Lambda ES-50, Matrix 12, CS80, String Melody II, Solina and much more.

35.00 - US $45.00

Buy via Paypal or Share*it! read more and hear sound demos...

HQS Volume 2 - The MiniMoog
The defintive Minimoog sample collection, this Dash Sound Library features extensively sampled patches from the Minimoog, bringing the unqique sounds of this vintage analog mono synth to your sampler.

35.00 - US $45.00

Buy via Paypal or Share*it! read more and hear sound demos...

HQS Volume 1 - Ultimate FM
A rare sample set of FS1r sounds. With 8 operators, 8 noise generators, formant filters, and resonant filters, the FS1r is the ultimate FM machine, but also notoriusly difficult to program. ultimate FM makes it easy to integrate these unique FM sounds into your productions.

30.00 - US $39.00

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A0S - Alpha Zero Synthesizer
An electronic oriented sound library of stunning quality, which includes warm pads, sweeps and percussive sounds. AOS is also included in the EVE 2 default sound library.

15.00 - US $20.00

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There are also a number of  third party libraries available  for EVE 2:

Dangerous Bear Underground
dBu produces the Genesis Sound Library for EVE 2, a comprehensive sample collection that goes beyond the original 'vintage keys' EVE paradigm and combines classic sounds with more experiemntal textures.

Les Productions Zvon
Les Productions Zvon make music and sound effect libraries of diverse original material. Notable products include their brilliant Prepared Rhodes, and the Zvon Marching Horn.

Nucleus Sound Lab
Nucleus Sound Lab produces OB Resurrection, a sound library based on a large collection of waveforms from a number of Oberheim synths. Oberheim Resurrection is a great compliment to the vintage synth sounds in the Dash Sound Library Range.

Please check with the authors for full preset compatibility on OSX.