What’s Better: Noise Cancelling Headphones or Earbuds?

One aspect that we all want from life is some peaceful service. Technology is sufficiently advanced to offer us tools for canceling noise, but how can we decide which one fits well for us? Today we equate headphones canceling noise and earbuds canceling noise to decide which one is more suited for you.

Noise-canceling headphones

Those are becoming more popular on the market. With all the trouble choosing between highly competitive pairs, there are 2 major types of noise-canceling headphones that are usually considered by people – over-ear and on-ear. Both types of headphones have earcups closed. When you don’t allow ANC, due to padding, the only noise cancelation you have is passive everything.
Passive noise-canceling headphones suppress out sound up to 15-20 decibels. Tip: When you require passive noise reduction, opt for circumaural headphones because they provide good quality silicone insulation from fabrics that reduce noise. Remember these headphones are heavier than usual.


They eliminate an extra 20 decibels of natural noise when it comes to active noise-canceling headphones. Additional cons include:

Low Music Volume

It’s better to concentrate on the music you ‘re listening to due to the noise reduction. You don’t need to crank the volume up to be able to listen to your favorite pieces one by one – the level of sound is adequate to do this. Some headphones are primarily focused on bass while some provide mid- and high-level contrasts. Anyway, something you want does not result in impaired hearing as noise-canceling equipment is good for your safety.

Concentrating on work with headphones canceling noise removes all the unwanted background noise. Exposing yourself to a loud atmosphere for a long period of time is bad for health – particularly when your workplace is that setting. Noise-canceling headphones do the deed perfectly and remove low to mid-frequency noises that make it easier to focus.

Tip: In noisy environments, if you take conference calls, noise-canceling headphones alone will not be enough to block the noise. Get a noise cancelation program called Krisp that can eliminate all the artificial noise from the hand of the speaking team as well as from the other one. It has also just set a high on Appsumo Deals.

Noise Cancellation Quality

ANC headphones can suppress noises of low and medium frequencies, while foam insulation tends to eliminate more of the high frequencies. When you indulge in luxurious ANC headphones, you’ll experience a lot of noise reduction, while being able to hear ambient interactions and speech messages at the same time.

Long wear and portability

None of the added insulation and circumaural echo separation results in headset bulkiness. It’ll be hard to wear them for a long time, especially if they don’t fit securely around your head. While ANC headphones are foldable and robust, bringing around or even jamming them into your bag can often be a challenge. Hint: Consider choosing headphones with more padding across the headband. Oftentimes it is not a bad idea to sacrifice exceptional design for comfort.

High power usage

Battery life is reduced by aggressive noise suppression. Best noise-canceling headphones stretch up to 30 hours of battery life with successful noise cancelation switched on the entire time. It can be uncomfortable to use ANC with a plugin headphone, let alone the problem that some headphones do not allow ANC when plugged in at all.

Think about it-without investing in it, you can’t call for excellent architecture, good sound efficiency, and detailed active noise canceling all in one. ANC headphones can be expensive but this is not a major drawback – you can always opt for budget noise-canceling headphone options with medium ANC and sound quality until you are ready to invest in more.

Tip: Even expensive ANC headphones are the best in one particular feature. Think about what’s the most important feature in noise-canceling headphones for you, before you get a pair for yourself. The Sony WH-1000XM3, Bose QuietComfort 35 II, and Bowers & Wilkins PX are among some prominently high-quality headphones. Noise-canceling earbuds are the third type of noise-canceling headphones that are otherwise called in-ear headphones. They go into the ear canal and partly insulate the vibration to block out unwanted noises. These do, though, not isolating noises of high frequencies as quickly as headphones or earmuffs are.

Nevertheless, they excel in other things:


Earbuds are lightweight, compact in size, and come with mini, medium, and large plugs that match just perfectly into your ear canal. You can carry them with you everywhere, no matter whether they are wireless or not. After lengthy wear, there is no problem with headaches. The only 2 problems you’ll notice are mild tangling of the earbud wires and earbud loss if you don’t place the correct plugs in the ear canals.


Earbuds that suppress noise are far more convenient than headphones that suppress noise, but they also do not offer noise cancelation at the same standard and have shorter battery life. On the other side, at a lower offer, you are receiving at least the full value of what you pay for.

Which Noise Is Annoying You The Most?

Tip: Check out Plantronics BackBeat Go 410 and Bose QuietComfort 30 if you want to invest in better quality noise-canceling earbuds. This has a far higher price for improved noise reduction and sound clarity.

Sound quality

Noise-canceling earbuds have no outstanding performance consistency – others have improved bass that is still not audible sufficiently and some are not performing well with mid- and high-level filtering out. If you want to listen to any instrument in your favorite tune, you ‘re going to have to crank up the volume to the max which results in our next con in turn.

Hearing loss

Hearing high-volume music in your earbuds may cause hearing loss particularly when all the sound goes through your ear canal directly. Also, noise cancelation and auditory reduction won’t help protect your ears from damage to your eardrums from long-term heavy music. If you want to go for earbuds that suppress static, try to take brief breaks.


Although noise-canceling earbuds are lightweight and compact, in any way they are not robust. When you jam them into your pocket you will quickly smash them. It is always better to be cautious and to keep them as often as you can in a separate case. This should help discourage some tangling, too.

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The most critical aspect is to consider the primary aim of having headphones or earbuds that suppress noise as these are more effective under very different circumstances:If you are looking for great sound quality and noise cancellation and are exposed for a long period of time to noisy environment-choose noise-canceling headphones.


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